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Nan Yang Academy of Sciences.

The Nan Yang Academy of Sciences (NASS)

is strategically located in multicultural Singapore, an energetic and prosperous city state set amidst lush greenery. The focus of NASS is to promote a platform for the exchange of academic achievements by gathering global scientific institutes, experts and scholars in various fields. By encouraging the transformation and application of theoretical scientific research into reality, and promoting the economic impetus, NASS seeks to enhance interactive cooperation across borders for the ultimate aim of improving society and overall standards of living.

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Obese people are 'drowning in their own fat', as it blocks airways in the lungs, study finds

Laura Donnelly | October 18, 2019 Obese people are drowning in their own fat, as it blocks airways in the lungs...

Sleep Deprivation Shuts Down Production of Essential Brain Proteins

Emily Willingham | October 10, 2019 A deficit arises in molecules needed for neurons to communicate efficiently...

Drop in income may not only hurt the wallet, they may hunt the brain

Unsteady Income in Young Adulthood Linked to Thinking Problems in Middle Age Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat fro...

New research finds effective ways to resolve disagreements between couples.

New research finds effective ways to resolve disagreements. David Ludden Ph.D. | September 25, 2019 Image by Ol...

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